"Majorca at MIT III" Workshop:
Photonics in Servers and Routers

The 2015 workshop has succesfully completed. The next workshop was first planned for fall 2020 @MIT and has been postponed due to COVID.

The 2015 workshop was held in dedication to the late prof. Harm Dorren.

First session

Commemoration of Harm at reception

Last day

5 years after the 2010 IEEE winter topical "Photonics for Routers and Interconnects" held in Majorca, we organized a follow-up workshop under the name "Majorca at MIT" where we focused on what has changed since the 2010 workshop and addressed new developments of photonics in servers and routers.

The objective of this workshop was to assess how Data Center architecture and trends affect the use of and requirement on photonics technology.

The following companies / institutes gave presentations:

  • Intel (Packaging presentation)
  • Facebook (Perspective from large DC )
  • Ericsson
  • Juniper
  • Hitachi (optics in network equipment)
  • MIT (devices presentation)
  • IBM (System integration presentation)
  • Eindhoven Univ of Technology
  • Marist College (SDN overview)
  • Petra
  • UCB
  • UCSD
  • Nogoya university

Conference chair:
Lionel Kimerling, MIT
(Late) Harm Dorren, TUE, NL
Shu Namiki, AIST, Japan
Ronald Luijten, IBM Research - Zurich (now at DMAS GmbH)

Presentation slides are available to the attendees only. Contact the conference chair.

This page was hosted under majorca-mit.org in the past. Currently it is parked under swissdutch.ch so content is still available.

This workshop was technically co-sponsored by the the MIT Microphotonics Center's Open Architecture System Optimization Technical Working Group, IBM Research and the VICTORIES Project, a Project for Developing Innovation Systems of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), Japan, and IMPULSE Project of AIST.

This μServer is solar energy powered: (yes, we are using photons!)

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